Flower Gardens Invitational Expedition

Texas Lionfish Control Unit will be leading two expeditions of trained scientists and volunteer divers in 2018 to the Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary.  These 4-day research expeditions, in partnership with NOAA-Flower Garden Banks, Ripley’s Aquarium, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, Oregon State University, and M/V Fling will be gathering scientific data for lionfish research.

2018 Lionfish Invitational Expedition Dates

24-28 June 2018

26-30 August 2018

The expeditions will have the following goals and objectives:

  • Conduct research to increase the knowledge of invasive lionfish distribution and predator/prey relationships in coral communities at the FGBNMS.
  • Reduce the impact of lionfish on reef habitats and native fish populations by removing lionfish from the upper-100 feet of the FGBNMS.
  • Assess effectiveness of diver removal effort on lionfish populations and native fish communities.
  • Increase public awareness of invasive lionfish impacts and provide the knowledge and skills for individuals to be part of the solution by training volunteer divers from the local community in safe and effective collection and handling techniques.

To be eligible, divers must meet the following:

  •  be at least 18 years of age
  • be able to swim
  • be a certified advanced open water scuba diver, or higher certification (must present a valid Diver Certification Card)
  • be a Nitrox certified diver
  • have conducted a minimum of 25 dives in the past 12 months; or provide the total number of dives logged since becoming a diver
  • have DAN or other dive-specific insurance
  • be able to identify reef fish at the Flower Garden Banks and conduct in-water fish surveys; and
  • have experience collecting lionfish (Check out our Eco-Tourism trips to gain lionfish hunting skills)

Expedition participation is by invitation only.  Qualified divers may apply to be a part of the Flower Garden Banks Lionfish Invitational Expedition.

Divers will be required to:

  • travel to and from Freeport, TX for all aboard Aug. 27 th through 31 st
  • attend the TLCU/NOAA lionfish handling course to be held at 5PM in Freeport on the Sunday before leaving the dock.
  • room with other divers in bunk style accommodations;
  • scuba dive at the FGBNMS;
  • conduct themselves in a responsible manner as volunteers representing TLCU and the FGBNMS
  • practice safe diving techniques
  • remove only lionfish with approved pole spears
  • assist with fish surveys, lionfish processing and dissections
  • complete and sign all applications, liability waivers and releases

To apply as a researcher or volunteer diver: