Lionfish Hunting


Learn to hunt lionfish with Ocean Strike Team!  Our eco-tourism trips are designed for the diver that is ready to make their diving mean something.  No lionfish hunting experience necessary.  OST will take you out and show you how to safely remove invasive lionfish out of our waters. Our primary hunting grounds are in Pensacola, Florida – the best place to hunt lionfish in Florida, also konwn as the Lionfish Capital of the World.

No Lionfish Hunting Experience Needed

We Provide Lionfish Specific Hunting Gear

Hunting Guides in the Water to Help You

We Train You How to Hunt

Individual or Group Trips Available

2021 Lionfish Eco-Tourism Dates

Texas Lionfish Control Unit is now Ocean Strike Team! Click the link below to see our 2021 Lionfish Hunting trip dates on our new website at

Private Group Trips Available

Are you a dive shop, dive club, or group of divers?

Interested in running a group trip to Pensacola, Florida to hunt lionfish? Ocean Strike Team has been setting up lionfish hunts for dive shops and dive clubs across the country for over 4 years.  We can set up private dive trips for groups as small as 6 and up to 20 divers.  We provide a comp spot after 9 paid. OST will plan and arrange a trip around your dates and itinerary. Easy deposit schedule. We make it easy to book trips with Ocean Strike Team. Contact Us for more information or to book your private trip today.

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